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Becoming a Magnet

“The water in which the mystic swims is the same water a madman drowns in.” ― Joseph Campbell

Our bodies are generators of energy, energy that comes from our souls and the energy that is all around us. Science and metaphysics explain that the space where the smallest particle lives, in any kind of matter, cannot be measured, nor is it fixed. This invisible and always-changing space is what weaves everything in the world together. It is the spirit in which everything has been and is being weaved. 

A lot of people are looking to achieve higher dimensions and states of consciousness. I used to look for this promise of ascension. But my most valuable learning through my whole spiritual process has been acknowledging my humanity and choosing to work with who I am in this present moment. Instead of believing that being human was something that shouldn’t, now I have chosen to completely embody my human body, made essentially of mud: water and earth. It was this realization that has brought me to write this book, because I have understood that there is nothing more powerful in this moment than assuming my task as a human, understanding what it is a body and an Ego, and working with this as tools rather than obstacles. 

By learning about the 6th and 3rd dimension, I came to understand that it is here, in the physicality, in the 3rd dimension, in this reality game, where the beings of the 6th (a different perspective of who I am in the 3rd), come to experience and explore a specific perspective of the oneness. So instead of looking to leave or judge being human as something less enlightened, the game and all of its opponents: the politics, the tricks, the limited beliefs, now I use them as enhancers of my own power since they are a great source of power, or emotion. Accepting being a human and embodying with all that I can is realizing that I am a creator, and as a creator, emotions are needed since they make things move. So essentially, we either are trapped in emotion or we create with emotion. By going inside the body, and understanding that there are 33 vertebrates in the spine, which hold the chakras, holding the spirit which makes these chakras spin. As I explained before, the hormonal glands are connected to the chakras, the ones in charge of interpreting the information and creating emotions, so by the awareness of how the chakras are balanced, basically, we are learning how to work with the emotions, rather than be conditioned by them. The + and the – energies, which create this whole spinning inside of our bodies, will finally unite in the heart. The + energy, related to the I or Father, is the look for light, as is the – energy, related to the AM or Mother, is the look for grounding. Being grounded on Earth, being Earth, water and earth, which equals into being human, and at the same time, allowing for the light to come in, to embody our Ego, our Iness, will eventually lead to alignment of the Ego with the spirit, which allows the real power to happen, the inner power: the alignment of + and -, becoming I AM, or in other words: embodying the Ego or bringing heaven to earth. This is a possibility in any human being, it is a spiritual process, the one which is also known as the Christ energy. 

The body becomes a magnet by running a current down and up the spine, uniting in the center or heart, to produce an electromagnetic field, by releasing energy from the first three centers to the brain and back. As creators, as it is in our nature, we co create different realities with the spirit and we essentially acknowledge ourselves as humans: as explorers. 

It is the moment when we start to become aware of our human potentiality that we can transform our three main human pillars, which are: sex, food and sleep. These three pillars are key and connected to our survival mind, since without food (energy), reproduction (sex), and sleep (regeneration and integration of information and energy), allows our cognitive and thinking capacities, which in its core are equal to our creative capacities, to design different realities for ourselves. So that is why it is very important, not only to accept our human needs, but also to love them, so we can transcend them and we are not conditioned by them. 

These three needs are connected to our lower chakras, our (-) or feminine earthly emotional aspect. Sleep is connected to the Muladhara or root Chakra, sex connected to the Svadhisthana or sacral Chakra and food connected to the Manipura or solar plexus chakra. It is when we start using our WILL (connected to the 3rd dimension and manipura chakra), when we essentially start to direct our power, to create form with these emotions, to start acknowledging we are also gods within our humanity, and these three needs start to become tools. This is another way of understanding, not only our human potential, but how to bring the light to what was before ignorance. 

Where from the body am I creating? Here I am addressing the heart chakra, which is found in your chest and linked to the thymus gland, the seat of the immunological system. Since most people are living from an ego-state consciousness or a fear-based, survival state, having the heart chakra closed is something that naturally happens, because it prevents us from feeling, being empathetic or compassionate towards ourselves or others. As long as our hearts are closed, we tend to take things too personally or hold stuck emotions like sadness, resentment, anger for ourselves and others and this keeps us from living life fully, but also, it keeps us from being able to create a feeling. The general idea and belief about the heart is the ability to feel things, to love and being open, which in a survival environment, is considered foolish, even a weakness, but also reckless.

I chose to open myself to different kinds of therapy, but the most effective for my journey has been plant medicine. Nature has its ways to offer the solutions and medicine that you need when you have made a choice. Living in the forest of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, I had a friend from Ireland who shared Sacred Geometry ceremonies with cacao. He lived from the heart and was a teacher for me since the first day we met, and little did I know that this encounter would bring me to one of the most powerful experiences in my life.

That night after a six-hour ceremony in which we repeated specifical mantras while looking at sacred geometry, I went to bed and played Lemurian music so I could fall asleep. The moment a high tune vibrated inside my body, I literally felt a crack in my heart. I was shocked, first of all because I didn’t even know this was a thing, but when the physical crack happened, I felt a deep expansion of energy from the center of my heart chakra all the way around my body and energy field. This was so new to me and I believe in that moment, I simply accessed a different state of consciousness or dimension, which I have worked to keep and solidify it more and more. I felt a stronger presence of myself inside the body, and most probable the outside felt it too. I grew more sensitive but strong, and I had to build stronger and healthier boundaries around me, but at the same time remained open to give and receive. 

From this open chakra experience my whole energy field reached a deeper and larger space. I believe and feel like a magnet. My relationship with my own spirituality has taken a whole different course.

I write because I wouldn´t know what else to do.
Escribo porque me sería imposible no hacerlo.

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