Embody your Ego, Get Your Shit Together

Designing your Avatar

upon any other option, why not play?

Through meditation, reading and experiencing different altered states of consciousness, I have remembered and nurtured who I am. I am already my higher self and part of my commitment is to sustain these high-vibration frequencies in my body so that my higher energy can anchor more and more to the physicality. It is essential to keep myself balanced and centered, to be present and attuned in my freedom, power, fun — and the certainty of who I am and the game that I am playing.

Warning! Changing our narrative on our life’s story could have very powerful effects in our lives. 

Let’s play for a moment. Let’s pretend you are a soul, a drop of the ocean that chose to come to Earth as a human ego and you are about to incarnate inside a body that will have a specific name, family, abilities in a specific place and time. Part of the game plan is that when you incarnate in a human body, you will forget your soul’s purpose and you will forget you are a soul that actually chose this experience. Part of the game is to walk through the darkness so we can remember our light. Are you ready? Ok! 

Welcome to Earth! Your name is XXX you were born in XXX in a particular body, in XXX country under this economic and social status, cultural values, including religion and work ethics, etc. 

The challenge is that everything in this game reality will tell you what you should like and how you should spend the time here, before you can even stop and think about how you feel. It will tell you what is good and right to do or not to do, before you can even think about what feels good and wrong. 

But then you remembered for a moment that it was all a game! Now you have chosen to stop identifying with your body avatar and personality, you now know that the body avatar and personality is called Ego and it has a very important purpose in life, which is that of your survival, growth and thriving in the game. It is your main opponent and friend, a tool that if used correctly will bring you everything that you need and design, it is actually amazing! 

The Ego will ask you to feed it with food because the body needs food to survive, it will ask you to acknowledge your qualities. It will ask you to exercise and feel good in your body, to say no to certain situations and to look for physical pleasure such as sex, good food and comfort. 

But if you are not on top of your Ego, it can start making you believe that you are better or less than other avatars, because it can start making you compare and compete with others to feel good by depending on external approval. It can make you believe that you should protect yourself from the world because everyone wants to get you. Essentially, it will show you how to grow and learn from love, because being alive in a human avatar is Ego and it’s meant to achieve evolution. 

If you are unaware of this amazing tool and program it as you know— it will start to guide you. As a result your soul can start to grow cold. Because the whole game reality is made out and sustained of a specific energy called love, the game is going to challenge you to create, grow and to experience love. The whole point of playing is to experience love, to receive and give love. Self love comes from the Ego, because, if you think you are not deserving of love, then you are not learning how to receive it which leads to, not learning how to give it. 

Playing the Reality Game

Now you can see what kind of resources and other tools and talents you have. It could be anything that you can offer to the world as an exchange currency and therefore, by being useful to the world, you will receive a currency called money. The game and your opponents will make you stronger, wiser and to sharpen your tools. 

There is no point in playing a game without opponents, right? Unless you know who you are, and that it is all a game reality, you will be controlled by the game itself. 

Here is how to play the reality game:

  1. See yourself as a player inside a video game. What is your avatar like? What are the resources, tools and talents of your avatar?
  2. Let’s go back to the three questions we had done before and make a list of 3 things of each one:
    1. What kind of human experiences would you want to experience? 
    2. What growth is required for you to live this experience?
    3. What contribution or impact are you giving back to the world through these experiences?
  3. Ask the following questions: Now that you know who you are behind the avatar, and you know that what is sustaining and the source of the the game is a specific kind of energy called love, regardless of what other avatars and other players are doing, then, if you would continuously choose love and have certainty of love and what you are creating comes from love, wouldn’t you be working with the source of it all? Wouldn’t you be an extension of the creator itself if you are connected to it? Wouldn’t you be able to create from the same energy in which all is created? Wouldn’t you be able to do and become magic, changing the physical reality since you are connected to the main source of power?

If you remember who you are and are able to decide from that, you are tapping into your highest self, bringing heaven to earth. Our soul, an extension of love and God itself, represents our inner potential. 

Remembering your higher self is the potentiality of your being. It is you already, believing in yourself:

  1. Meditate.
  2. Journal and make a list of the limiting beliefs that are separating yourself from being your higher self. This will slowly start to reveal your inner program that is no longer serving you.
  3. Do this first thing in the morning. I´ve found out that in the first moments in the morning, my nervous system feels more neutral so it’s easier to bring new information rather than in the afternoon or night. 

Do things that will keep your energy vibration high. This will attract high frequency experiences and people in your life. 

The Matrix: where the game is held by time and space 

Now that we are open to the idea of consciously exploring who we are as humans, it is vital to understand the playground. This playground, held by time (+) and space (-) also known as the 3rd dimension, is created from this polarity. It is in this physical dimension in which we can see this polarity from one perspective, from our Iness, which is equal to a specific focus point or consciousness: our Ego. This trinity can be seen with and through the third eye, which allows us to see the truth beyond the polarity.

That is why a human being is made from this trinity as well: the spirit (vibration), the soul (energy) and the body (matter). It is essentially the same thing, vibrating differently, from the essence all the way to matter, as a way for the universe to understand itself through experience. This means, there is only one reality, but in different ways of expression. 

That is why, hacking the game reality is essentially about playing with this puzzle and creating coherence between these three aspects of the being: attuning your Ego with your soul and spirit. This is where real power comes from, because it will flow through your body technology like an engine, directed by your will and focus, to create a new and different reality in the 3rd dimension. A reality that is equal to your specific vibration. So even if we are separating these three aspects of being human into spirit, soul and body, they are not separate things, they are all connected through the same vibration, which is the spirit: the Oneness, God, Universe.

It is in this playground where we are meant to experience every possibility with the task of aligning three realities in just one. That is why the 3rd dimension is challenging since we are dealing with a whole fractal of emotions to eventually understand the experience. It is when we are not able to understand that we get stuck in the process, meaning that the chakras are not able to roll and move the energy through, manifesting physically in illness. It is here, in this game reality, that we come to understand who we are through experience. 

Perceiving our body as technology, computer or a vessel, can help us understand more about how to work with it. The body being the hard drive and the soul is the software (the program that goes inside the hard drive), and then wifi would be the spirit. Perceiving emotions as different perspectives in which we can experience the truth, the energy that makes the computer work through the chakras, being a consequence of that vibration. 

That is why coherence is the most important thing in matter, because we are meant to align the 3 aspects of yourself within you and that is when you find your own truth, your own perspective of reality. 

I write because I wouldn´t know what else to do.

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