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Life as a Game Reality

upon any other option, why not play?

Once we stop accepting and listening to the story that is being fed to us, we start to create our own personal story. This has been my favorite part of being alive, not only because naturally I am drawn into storytelling and exploring the depth of the experiences that I experience, but also because the more obvious the illusion of separation is, the more creative I can be, and the most creative I can be is by creating my own life, from the inside to the outside. I decided to perceive life as a game reality, because joy, play, love and freedom are one of my foundations of life. 

I am the observer behind the exploration of my game reality, such as when I played my favorite video games with my brothers and sister when I was younger. 

As the explorer of this metaverse that I like to call a game reality, I chose a female human body or ego named Cindy. Cindy is the explorer of the physical reality connected to the game reality and receives constant information through five senses that I, the observer, perceive and decide how to process. Besides those five very obvious senses that produce different sensations in my body, there are also other senses such as the intuition or sixth sense which is the most powerful one, and from which I experience a multidimensionality, guidance and from where I keep the connection of who I really am inside the body. 

Just as in dreams where we experience real emotions, adventures, and nightmares, the same happens in this game reality. It is the moment that we forget that we are playing and exploring this reality, that we might become frustrated, serious, harsh and disconnected from our hearts. Movies like Avatar, Matrix or Ready Player One are perfect examples of what I am expressing, but also video games and lately mostly, technology is showing how a virtual reality experience creates the same brain connections and the ability to create emotions, a deep and life changing experience, such as the physical reality. 

When awakening and realizing that the physical reality is just a dream and a game reality, a mind creation, we lose the fear of death because the sense of separation disappears. We no longer believe that we die along with our bodies, shifting greatly our sense of self, because radically, we start to experience the experiences differently. We start to see from a broader perspective and experience a deeper sense of who we are, regardless of the body. 

We become the alchemists we already are, able to transform any experience, even the tragedies, into gold. The reality of the physical dimension is like a virtual reality where we all play the game of life. 

By incarnating in these beautiful bodies, our souls tend to forget who we are. Our consciousness (the observer) is only exploring what the physical senses are perceiving. We believe that what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch, is all that is. 

I write because I wouldn´t know what else to do.
Escribo porque me sería imposible no hacerlo.

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