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Our Story Is Our Most Magical Power

upon any other option, why not play?

We assign meaning to our lives. What has been seen cannot be unseen. This is the power of consciousness. The power of consciousness applies also to the meaning you decide to give to things, which is equal to the story you are choosing to tell yourself.

By being the consciousness behind my powerful body avatar ÔÇö the explorer in this amazing game reality ÔÇöI became more aware and responsible of my inner dialogue and my perspective on things, including my past and the experiences that forged me. 

The author Tony Robbins says that there is no meaning to anything, but the one that we give to things. It made me question, why do things have to mean something specifically? Why when things don’t go as we would have expected to happen, cannot mean that we are actually being blessed and aligned to greater experiences? 

I chose to explore different meanings that felt more authentic respecting certain situations. I essentially became a child again. I then found myself changing the meaning of things in my past, because I knew I could. I was free. If I were wrong, I would have learned anyway, and would have at least explored life the way I wanted to. It felt right. This decision belonged to me. It didn’t feel off or fake. I realized the greater story to be told was my own. 

If we are not aware of the story inside our minds, we justify ourselves. We create a narrative around who we are. It all comes down to the following: if we don┬┤t know who we are, we are going to be told who we are. That is why choosing our stories around our past, present and future, is practicing our magic and mostly: living it. 

We could be justifying the job that we hate, or the relationship that we are unhappy in, simply because our story justifies our predominant belief system and it makes sense to think this way, because it has been the story that we have been telling ourselves for a while, even if this brings pain and hurt. Consciously or not, we can even protect our stories and fight for the idea of who we are, all the way to becoming victims forever. So as long as we don┬┤t know that we are free to change the meaning to our past experiences and adapt the meaning into the story that is aligned to our higher self, the stories can be working against us, instead of for us. 

The biggest change that I lived through choosing how to see differently from my past experiences, was the one associated with my core trauma. I would defend my misery and codependency through the pattern of living treason through my closest relationships, because I saw myself as a victim. I wasn’t aware of the power this story had on my life. But what initially caused me pain and confusion, distrust and suffering, has now become one of my most magical elements. 

The world is made out of stories. 

What story are you telling yourself?

I write because I wouldn┬┤t know what else to do.

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